ERC20 Token for trading and payments in our online shops


buy and sell our Token on decentral exchanges…

you can buy and sell our Token on various decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Sushiswap or 1inch…

bezahle mit frx token
bezahle mit frx token

ERC20 Token for trading and payments in our online shops


Available and visible under...

(Please note that you need an ERC20 wallet for our FRX token! Such as for your mobile phone and / or your browser.)


If you buy somethings with FRX Token in our shops, you get up to 30% discount on all products and get an additional 5% of your purchase value refunded as FRX tokens.
The purpose of the FRX tokens is to provide an alternative of payment for our products. The token not only has an exchange function, all token holders receive a special discount for orders in our online shops. To get it, you must have a certain amount of FRX tokens in your wallet. Our online shop checks the content of your wallet via a connection, if you have the following amounts in your wallet you will get these discounts > Bonus LEVELS:  (The following number of FRX tokens must be available in your wallet)
  1. SMALL: 1,000.00 FRX -10%
  2. MEDIUM: 10,000.00 FRX -15%
  3. LARGE: 25,000.00 FRX -20%
  4. KING: 50,000.00 FRX -30%
For the future there are special products that are only visible and buyable for the bonus levels! if you need more FRX Tokens you can buy them on the exchange!
Ether: The FRX token is traded on exchanges against ETH (Ether). The price of Ether is very liquid and fluctuates strongly. Depending on the market situation, this can mean a higher or lower exchange rate for the FRX token. Foreign currency: The company works with the European currency, the Euro. Depending on the national residency, the token is subject to foreign currency risk. Corporate risk:  Every company is subject to economic risks. If the company does badly, the token can lose value.
You can use your FRX token on the decentralized exchange or similar exchanges
Download your add-on for the browser from, you can also use any other Ethereum ERC20 wallet
The buyback starts after 5 years, please note the requirements for the buyback.
For reselling the token to our company, you need a tax registration.
The FRX token does not grant you any share of the profit or loss of our company. The FRX token is tied to our company's equity. With the token you speculate on the possibility of repayment. If investors trust our company the price rises, if the company has bad values and no profits, then investors will lose their trust and sell the token - in that case the price will fall .
  1. buy physical products in our online shops ...
  2. #Trade the #FRX token on #Uniswap  against #Ethereum and speculate on the use of the token and our company ....
  3. #hodl your $FRX and $ETH in the Uniswap Token Pool and receive tokens with every trade on the exchange ...
Use "+Add Liquidity" and add #ETH and the same amount of #FRX - you can remove them at any time! Bild

You can pay with FRX-Token in our online shops ... (soon)

(Please note that you need an ERC20 wallet for our FRX token! Such as for your mobile phone and / or your browser.)

Our shops where you can pay with cryptocurrencies and FRX tokens ... (soon)

Online-Store for technical Gases, Welding, Energy-Solutions and Piping

Online-Store in Austria for Dry ice products

Online-Store in Germany for Dry ice products

Buy $FRX with Ethereum or other listed ERC20 tokens!

Buy FRX tokens on decentral exchanges…

our FRX token is listed and tradable on the following exchanges:

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liquidity available

liquidity available

liquidity available

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about the FRX Token

the Distribution, Timeline and Information-Videos!


how the tokens are divided…
  • permanently held by the company and shareholder (70,00% | 1,050.000,00 FRX)
  • free Float amount tradable on exchanges (26,66% | 400.000,00 FRX)
  • consultants and alternative liquidity providers (0,66% | 10.000,00 FRX)
  • charitable donations to cancer and pediatric research (2,46% | 37.000,00 FRX)
  • airdrops to interested parties and fans at various times (0,20% | 3.000,00 FRX)


Blockchain:  Ethereum Mainnet, ERC20

Market Cap:

Total Supply: 1,500,000.00 FRX (100%)
Decimals of Token:     2
Free Float: 450,000.00 FRX (30%)
Share Holder: (fixed) 1,050,000.00 FRX (70%)

The FRX token has 450,000 freely available units. The units 1.00 are divided into the smallest unit 0.01 (Frixi).
The maximum number of FRX are available: 1.5 million / and 1.05 million are held by the company.

The wallet accounts of Company and Shareholders, Creator, FOX ONE, HIGHLANDER, AUTUMN, OMNIGRON and STRAIGHT stabilize the Token as a Liquidity Provider (LP).


Via and you can always track all transactions publicly.


…a Token for real deals…


Info Videos about the Company, the Token FRX and how to buy FRX…


the project plan…

you can buy FRX Tokens on decentral exchanges!

Uniswap V2:  „open Exchange
Status: listed and liquidity

Sushiswap:open Exchange
Status: listed and liquidity

1inch: „open Exchange“  
Status: listed and liquidity


1. ``airdrop`` of 1.000,00 FRX

issued: 30/1000 from FRX on Twitter


Create pool on (V2) wBTC/FRX

…coming soon wBTC/FRX Pair on Uniswap

POOL wBTC/FRX: 0,0100 wBTC = 2500,00 FRX




you can use FRX tokens in our shops ...



2. ``airdrop`` of 1.000,00 FRX

issued: 00/1000 from FRX
100 top wallets with more than 10 trades of the FRX token


launch of the secret products


secret products that you only see in our shops with FRX tokens in your wallet!


the ``Buyback`` starts...


our company makes buyback offers, thereby raising the price


3. ``airdrop`` of 1.000,00 FRX

issued: 00/1000 from FRX
10 top wallets with more than 50 trades of the FRX token

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Whitepaper in progress …

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